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Target Audience :

Shopping Mall’s Leasing and Marketing Teams


  • Time-consuming research on potential tenants
  • Limited data (usually financial) to assess tenants and tenant mix recommendations
  • Relying passively on property agencies and consultants to propose new tenants

Our Solutions:

  • Generate tenants/brand recommendations from over 30+ reputable data sources.
  • Comprehensively assess social media performance, product collaboration, e-commerce performance, trends, market news, product sustainability, etc.
  • Instantly identify new-to-region and e-commerce top tenants, filter tenant acquisition requirements by target audience, product categories, price range, etc.


  • Shorten the tenant acquisition cycle
  • Offer comprehensive tenant recommendations backed by a wealth of data
  • Proactively identify tenant acquisition strategies based on the target audience’s characteristics and shopping mall’s value proposition. 

See How RetailFriday Improves Brand and Mall Performances

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