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The Brand Insight aids in leasing decisions and marketing campaigns. It is tailored to meet the needs of marketers, advertisers and brand managers who need to evaluate brand perceptions.

Information on 4,000+ global retail brands is now available


Provide an array of intriguing details about a brand on a single page, compiled from over 50 data sources worldwide including trending editorials, KOL posts, e-commerce platforms, and news sites.

Offer information like contact information, mall involvements, product sales, and the functionality to navigate to other related pages and external sites.

The Brand Insight is integrated effectively with the client dashboard application to offer a comprehensive range of features.

Brand / Tenant Recommendation

Brand Library

Brand Assessment


With our powerful recommendation engine, RetailFriday gives you a new way to discover and track trending brands. We help you find new brands and hidden gems by providing access to the latest articles and posts from 20+ sources globally. You may browse trending brands and navigate to the Brand Page for more brand details.


RetailFriday is a one-stop destination for everything you need to know about your favorite brands. We offer the best selection of brands, and provide a rundown of their price ranges, fashion categories, and trending index. We also provide contact information, mall involvements, and other essential details for you to make informed marketing and purchasing decisions.


Our brand library boasts a collection of over 10,000 brands and tenants. You can easily check the mall and e-commerce presence of each brand, as well as associated article mentions to the selected brand. The flexible filter bar enables users to search for brands tailored to their specific needs.


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