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The Retail Revolution: Spotlight on Digitization, Crescent Bags, and Yuppie-Core

Welcome to our monthly blog, where we explore the latest fashion trends. In this edition, we delve into digitization in retail, showcasing brands like Casablanca and Levi’s. We also highlight the crescent bag trend, featuring designers like Isabel Marant and Prada. Lastly, we uncover the yuppie-core style embraced by young urban professionals. Join us for fashion insights!


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(Screenshot from the RetailFriday platform)

Digitization in the retail industry has become increasingly prominent, and retailers are adopting digital tools to streamline operations and improve sales. These tools include online ordering systems, augmented reality for virtual product testing, personalised recommendations, digital payment options, and more. Digitization also enables retailers to leverage data analytics to gain insights into customer behaviour and preferences, which can inform marketing strategies and enhance the customer experience.

Fashion brands are increasingly applying digitization to their marketing activities. One example is apparel brand Casablanca, which is now using AI-generated campaign images for its SS23 collection. (Source)

Levi’s is testing AI-generated clothing models to increase diversity. (Source)

Crescent bags

(Screenshot from the RetailFriday platform)

Many popular brands have embraced the crescent bag as “the hottest handbag shape of 2023”, with the latest bag styles featuring the curved shape. The crescent bag falls somewhere between classic and novelty shapes and is characterized by a unique curved feature that appears on one side, most commonly at the base, often being named after the moon (“moon”, “demi-lune”, or “luna”).

Some of the crescent bags available right now. (Source)

The hashtag #crescentbag on TikTok has garnered 6.8 million views, showcasing the growing popularity of this stylish accessory.


(Screenshot from the RetailFriday platform)

Yuppie-core is the latest fashion style that has emerged, particularly among the fashion-conscious young urban professionals of today. The term “yuppie” was initially coined in the early 1980s to describe young, affluent, and career-oriented individuals who flaunted their wealth through their clothing, cars, and travel. Modern yuppie may wear tasteful button-up shirts with faded jeans, designer trench coats, loafers, and jewellery. The style is understated but polished, and it conveys success and affluence without being showy.

Some example of yuppie-core pieces. (Source)

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