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From Motorcore to Quiet Luxury to Silver Economy: Navigating the Latest Retail and Fashion Trends

As we welcome the new month of March 2023, we also welcome the latest hot topics in the retail and fashion industry. This month, we explore three significant trends that have been making waves in the fashion world. From the fashion inspiration from motorsports to the rise of the new-age minimalism trend called quiet luxury, we have a lot to discover. We’ll also delve into the silver economy and how it presents opportunities for retailers and fashion brands to cater to the unique needs of older adults. So, let’s dive in and explore these exciting trends together!

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As its name suggests, motorcore is a fashion trend inspired by the dangerous and speedy world of motorsports and is a sister to the bikercore trend. Iconically, motorcore is known to prioritize more conservative and protective styles, as death can await on every turn. Racer-inspired styles have been a common theme since Fall 2022, most recently captured at Diesel, Balmain, Givenchy and KNWLS, which are all incorporating racer-inspired styles into their collections. From leather jackets and sneakers to jumpsuits and helmets, motorcore is not just a trend but a lifestyle.

International racing F1’s own Ferrari also has a popular fashion brand inspired by motorcore.

There have been 1.8 million views on the tag #motorcore on Tiktok.

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Quiet luxury refers to a type of high-end fashion that emphasizes subtlety and understated elegance. It is characterized by its focus on high-quality materials, minimalist designs, and attention to detail, rather than flashy logos or overt branding. In other words, quiet luxury is new-age minimalism, with a larger focus on investment pieces and thoughtful shopping habits. Currently there are around 20,000 Instagram posts with that tag #quietluxury, most of them were posted in recent months.

The Row, Phoebe Philo, and Tove are some popular fashion brands that contribute to quiet luxury’s rise. (Reference 1 2)

(from the RetailFriday platform)

Silver economy refers to the economic opportunities and challenges created by the growing aging population. In the retail/fashion industry, the silver economy represents a significant consumer group that has unique needs and preferences. Retailers and fashion brands can tap into this market by creating products and services that cater to the needs of older adults, such as comfortable and functional clothing, adaptive footwear, and specialized accessories. The silver economy also presents opportunities for brands to incorporate inclusive marketing and messaging that celebrates diversity and aging.

A senior model starred in the ads of the Chinese lingerie brand Neiwai. (Source)

A Tmall live broadcast group featuring three silver-haired anchors debuted in March 2023 has their slogan “We’re always interesting” garnering nearly 3 million views in Weibo. (Reference)

In conclusion, these three trends offer a glimpse into the future of the retail and fashion industry. From the emergence of motorcore, quiet luxury, and the silver economy, it’s evident that the industry is evolving to cater to the changing needs and preferences of consumers. It will be thrilling to witness how these trends progress and influence the industry in the forthcoming months and years.

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